U proceduri Hrvatskog sabora trenutno su dva nova zakona; Zakon o poslovima i djelatnostima prostornog uređenja i gradnje i Zakon o Komori arhitekata i komorama inženjera, koji u ovom obliku prijete degradaciji položaja struke krajobrazne arhitekture u Hrvatskoj, suprotno europskim i svjetskim trendovima i javnom interesu.

Molimo Vas DA SVOJIM POTPISOM na online peticiju PODRŽITE incijativu Hrvatskog društva krajobraznih arhitekata kao i prijedloge izmjena i dopuna navedenih Zakona koje tražimo te podržite pripadajuće amandmane koji su izneseni u Saboru na 17. sjednici.

Više o problematici smo pisali na http://hdka.hr/2015/06/17-sjednica-sabora-i-amandmani-vezani-za-krajobraznu-arhitekturu-i-njene-strucnjake/, gdje možete pronaći cjelovite amandmane i zahtjeve za izmjenama i dopunama predmetnih zakona.


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Landscape architecture is an interdisciplinary profession consisted of open and green area design, planning and management of natural and anthropogenic, urban and rural landscapes and usage and preservation of resources.


WHERE ARE LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS EDUCATED? Number of graduated landscape architects: 210

Landscape architects in Croatia are educated at the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Zagreb, at an interdisciplinary program of Landscape Architecture. The purpose of the interdisciplinary program at the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Zagreb is to educate experts in the fields of landscape design, planning and management. It takes into account the protection of landscape, preservation and enhancement of natural and cultural heritage, preservation of natural resources by rational land use, protection and renewal of historical parks, as well as organization, design and construction of new landscapes. The study program is carried out by professors from several Faculties of the University of Zagreb and Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Ljubljana.


MEMBERSHIP IN THE CROATIAN CHAMBER OF ARCHITECTS Number of chartered landscape architects: 56

Landscape architects in Croatia can become a member of Croatian Chamber of Architects, division of Landscape Architects. According to the Statute of the Chamber, professional tasks of landscape architects are: planning, design, organization of structures of landscape in and outside of inhabited areas, preservation and systematic maintenance of landscapes and creation of landscape architecture, based on biotechnical, artistic, economic and ecological knowledge and procedures.



European countries in which landscape architecture has a significant role in society are mostly the countries which are leaders in sustainable spatial development and whose population has a high life quality. Those are: Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom and France.


PROBLEM 1 – Law on Construction

The new Law on Construction has abolished Landscape project as a part of the project documentation and introduced Landscape elaboration (without a clear interpretation of this document). “Landscape elaboration precedes the making of the Main project or projects it contains, depending on the type of buildings or needed work, if it is required by a special law, or if necessary.” (act 69, Law on Construction)


PROBLEM 2 – Draft of Law on dealings and fields of work in Spatial Planning and Construction and Law on Chamber of Architects and Engineers Chambers, and possible consequences

New drafts of these two Laws currently in procedure could further worsen the future of landscape architecture and the position of landscape architects in Croatia, opposite from the trends in Europe and around the world.

According to the draft of Law on dealings and fields of work in Spatial Planning and Construction (act49), items holding the conduction of landscape architecture projects, landscape design and other works of landscape architecture are listed as tasks of architectural profession. At the same time the new draft of Law states that the professional tasks done by chartered landscape architects are prescribed by the acts of the Chamber (act 49, 2), by which all of the mentioned landscape architecture tasks listed in act 49, 1 could be interpreted as exclusive tasks of architecture.

According to the Law on Chamber of Architects and Engineers Chambers, experts who associate in Chambers are architects, architect-urbanists and engineers, which leave landscape architect out of the list.

Profession completely competent for designing open and green areas, planning and management of both natural and anthropogenic, urban and rural landscape, with a study program existing at the University of Zagreb, will have limited work possibilities and their role (and by that the importance of open space design and planning) will be degraded to optional associates.

Fragile status of landscape architects directly reflects on the quality of open space and landscape in Croatia, as well as the life quality, which is contradictory with the goal of Architectural Policies: “It is necessary to recognize architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture as crucial elements in shaping healthy and preserved environment.” Architectural Policies of Republic of Croatia 2013-2020: Guidelines for excellence and culture of construction that have been accepted at the 64th session of Croatian Parliament on the 29th of November 2012.



Therefore we think that it is necessary to explicitly state that all persons listed as chartered architects can perform tasks depending on which division in the Chamber they belong to, and in that context all of professional divisions in this Law draft are considered chartered architects or, in this Law, all professional tasks of chartered landscape architects should be stated same as the professional tasks of chartered architects.



Because in these laws landscape architects are not treated as equal associates in the works of open space design and planning, high importance is given to Amendments (Proposal for change or supplement of the final law proposition) by Mirela Holy, member of Croatian parliament and ORaH party. The Amendments are redefining the status of landscape architects in the Croatian Chamber of Architects and as experts in design and planning tasks.



“Professional tasks of landscape architecture need to be defined at the level of this Law because, due to the specialties of this work, competences required are different/additional to those acquired as part of the classical Education of architects, as defined by Directive 2013/55 / EU of the European Parliament 1 Council on the 20th November 2013, amending Directive 2005/36 / EC on recognition of professional qualifications and Regulation (EU) No. 1024/2012 on administrative cooperation through Informatics’ system of the internal market (“Regulation IMI “). Only chartered landscape architects have those necessary competences. Lowering the definition of professional tasks to the level of Chamber’s statute is discriminatory towards profession which is a separate division in this chamber, and unsustainable in terms of spatial management and design in the Republic of Croatia. Therefore, in this draft of Law, separately mentioning chartered architect and architect-urbanist and leaving out chartered landscape architect is contradictory to the European practice. On the other hand, landscape architects are educated at the Faculty of Agronomy (interdisciplinary program), program of Landscape architecture, and by graduating they receive the title Master Engineer of Landscape architecture. Logically they can only be chartered as landscape architects. As chartered landscape architects are listed in the Chamber of Architects – division Landscape Architect and they are special group of experts with their specific tasks, I believe it is necessary to explicitly separately state them, so to prevent doubts and misunderstanding in the later execution of the Law.”



Benefits of landscape planning and design are long-term public and social interests, so it is important to define their role by legislation and integrate them into the spatial planning of the state.

The position of landscape architecture in society needs to be strengthened, and quite the opposite is achieved by these Laws.

By signing this petition and voting for Amendments, no other profession would be deprived, only educated experts in landscape architecture (whose studies are enabled and paid by the Government) would be allowed to have unrestricted professional work in enhancing the quality of open space and developing landscape architecture in Croatia, for which there is an urgent need.



With the Amendments of counselor Holy, the legal minimum would be reached to include landscape architects into the processes and tasks of design and planning. We are kindly asking you to support our initiative by signing this petition which will assist the Amendments, in order to purposely respond to the Ministry of Construction and Spatial Planning, led by Minister Ana Mrak-Taritaš.