This year, the Croatian Association of Landscape Architects celebrates its 25th anniversary of founding. After the collapse of Yugoslavia, which consequently led to the collapse of the Association of Landscape Architects of Yugoslavia, the Croatian Association of Landscape Architects was founded on November 20th, 1992. It has worked actively ever since. In the 1993 CALA entered the Croatia Civil Association Registry, as well as became a member of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) in the following year; 1994.

In 2010 CALA started the reorganization process and began collaborating with regional societies of landscape architects. The same year, CALA became a member of the IFLA Europe. Two years later, in 2012 CALA also became a member of the Croatian Standards Institute, as well as a member of the Croatian Green Building Council.

This year, to celebrate CALA’s 25th birthday, CALA prepared an interesting and rich programme and would like to invite all to join them for activities that will be presented at the annual CALA meeting for the coming period.

After almost a year of dedicated work on improving the website, as well as improving the official and promotional materials of our Association, CALA is proud to present the results of this hard work. Herewith attached the redesigned logo, and a new design of business cards, roll-up, as well as the official seal and letterhead. Last but not least, the website has also undergone a redesign, and is now translated to English as well.

From now on Croatian Association of Landscape Architects also has a recognizable slogan “Landscape matters!”

This communication concept is not just a slogan; together with a new visual identity it represents a complete platform that will follow CALA’s work and development, according to the current trends on the global and European landscape architecture stage.

The guiding principle for the new visual identity was a blend of old and new. We wanted our current and future partners to recognize the values ​​that are important to us; professionalism, responsibility and vision for the future.

The new logo is modern, distinct and recognizable, but remains true to the tradition and history of the Croatian Association of Landscape Architects. It is characterized by high design quality, simplicity and visual legibility, as well as easy applicability. The right side of the logo holds a clear set of typography, which allowed for visual purity and clarity.

CALA want to thank all for the support and would like to invite all to explore their new website Since they are still in the process of fine-tuning the website, some options such as member log-in are not yet available, so please, take no offence. Please provide your feedback, and comments to or to CALA’s Facebook page (

CALA website:


This article is published on IFLA Europe site and IFLA World site. We would like to thank colleagues from IFLA and IFLA Europe for publishing this news and all member associations for congratulations!

Special thanks to Matea Lončar, member of CALA, who translated text in English that is published all over the world.

Croatian Association of Lanscape Architects.