We are pleased to present you a new partner and sponsor of the activities of the Croatian Landscape Architects Association.

Green solutions for urban space

Helix Pflanzensysteme GmbH, a subsidiary of Helix Pflanzen GmbH, is a company specializing in sustainable building solutions. Company collaborated with the Croatian Association of Landscape Architects on the project TURAS-Mobile Green Living Room. Visitors had the opportunity to see the exhibition in 2016 in September in Zagreb. Jonathan Muller from Helix Pflanzensysteme was a guest on this occasion in Croatia.

The business concept for development and marketing is based on the development of technically sophisticated and sustainable green systems and the economic performance of research results. In times of climate change and urbanization, their experts aim to provide answers to environmental problems through innovative products that will contribute to the development of more sustainable urban environments. Among other activities, their specialists have extensive knowledge of plant material, which is also brewed on their own.

For further contact please visit the official Helix Pflanzensysteme website.

We congratulate our sponsoring partners and want a lot of success in further work! CALA