Discreet Modern Design for Private Meditation Chapel in Mexico

If you were to design your perfect spot for relaxation, how would it look like? Mexico-based BNKR Arquitectura completed the development of a private meditation chapel, intended to help the clients in their spiritual journey. Fascinated by one of the studio’s previous projects -La Estaancia Chapel-located near their weekend house, the owners decided to create their own haven of tranquility, something more discreet, but spectacular nonetheless.

The Ecumenical Chapel was therefore imagined as “a chapel buried, a lump in the ground. And in this process we included a vital element in our lives- Water“, the architects stated. “After the tour, the chapel welcomes you with a beautiful U-glass entrance, then you get to the central space. An oculus in the metal plate allows us to see the exterior through water. A metal source with a large quartz in the center reflects the oculus on the floor.” Having a total surface of 170 square meters, the unconventional meditation dwelling is both grand and subtle. What are your thoughts on this project? [Photography: Jaime Navarro]


Izvor: http://freshome.com/, 27/3/2014