Call for Entries
Deadline for entries – June 4th, 2012

Dear Madams, dear Sirs,

we would like to inform you that the international garden architecture competition best private plots – Die besten Gärten 2012  started on 2nd April. We hope to spark your interest and kindly ask you to announce the competition to your commonality and in your media. The competition is being held for the 5th time since 2006 with jury members as Ken Smith, Günther Vogt, GROSS.MAX, … More information about the jury 2012 and submission form for the competition is enclosed or can be found on

The award best private plots – Die besten Gärten 2012 recognizes exemplary sustainable design of private outdoor spaces, highlighting the garden as a contemporary dialogue between architecture, ecology and landscape, as places of inspiration and creation, as habitats that tell stories.

The award criteria include artistic and conceptual quality, ecological use of plants and materials, delimitation and organization of outdoor space. A focus lies on variety of uses and sustainability. The outdoor spaces must be clearly identifiable as intended for private residence and use, and must have been created no more than ten years ago. The competition is international. Landscape architects, architects, artists, gardeners, garden owners and combinations thereof from all countries are eligible.

First prize: 7,000 € | Second prize: 5,000 € | Third prize: 3,000 €

Jury 2012:
Stig L. Andersson (DK), SLA Urbanity Strategy Landscape | Franziska Bark Hagen (CH), cultural scientist | Teresa Moller (CL), Estudio del Paisaje | Vladimir (Tom) Sitta, Terragram | Tom Stuart-Smith (GB), Landscape Design

Award ceremony and International symposium on garden architecture:
September 29th, 2012, Essl Museum, A-3400 Klosterneuburg, Austria.

The bilingual catalog best private plots – Die besten Gärten 2012 will present about 30 outdoor spaces and gardens nominated for the award. The catalog will be launched at the award ceremony on 29th September 2012 and can be ordered at

Awarding authority and host:
Province of Lower Austria – initiative “Natur im Garten”

Best Regards
Karin Standler

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